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Carry Your Company To The Clouds With Our Evobulut Products !

You can collect all your business processes in your company on a single platform, by purchasing Evobulut's sectoral products separately or together with the products you want.

CRM Cloud

Customer Relations Management

Manage your customer relations and all your contact points with pleasure.

  • Track your customers in detail.
  • Manage All Your Activities. (Incoming, Outgoing Call, Mail)
  • Ensure your task and job management.
  • Track your Sales Potential and Opportunities easily.
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evobulut crm program

Stock, Current, Invoice Tracking Program

  • Keep track of your stocks.
  • Create your bills easily.
  • Keep track of your pre-accounting processes.
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online pre-accounting software
Sales Cloud

Fast and easy sales tracking software

Control all processes in your company from a single platform.

  • In addition to Crm Cloud specifications,
  • Track customers debt status.
  • Manage your stocks.
  • Prepare your offers more easily.
  • Manage your orders.
  • Create your bills faster.
  • Track all your sales processes from a single program.
sales program
Health Cloud

Patient and appointment tracking program

Track your patients and appointments easily.

  • Record your patient information easily.
  • Make your appointment planning in the most practical way.
  • Track your patients easily.
  • Track your document tracking from our cloud-based system.
Patient and appointment tracking program
Lawyer Cloud

Litigation and client tracking program

Easily track your cases and clients.

  • Follow your clients.
  • Keep track of your cases and hearings.
  • Keep track of your debt status with your clients.
  • Your documents are always with you.
Litigation and client tracking program

Customer service

It is important for us that you use evocloud in the most correct way, we are always with you for this.


We use the latest technology to manage all your processes in your company.


All your data is in safe. We work with Microsoft Azure, one of the most secure data centers in the world. Your data is in safe hands !

Easy to Use

We are working hard to ensure that users can enter dataquickly and easily.  

Cloud based

Thanks to our cloud computing infrastructure, your company is with you everywhere, from mobile or tablet.

Effective Reporting

You can get the fastest results by quickly reporting all processes in your company.


No More Virus Troubles

Viruses will no longer be your nightmare. Your data is safe, even if it gets infected!

No More Backup Troubles

Don't bother taking backups of your files and programs and keeping them! We automatically take 3 backups on your behalf.


No Installation and Setting Trouble

No more installing and setting the programs you use on your computer! Open your browser and start using your program.

Constantly Up-to-Date Version

New version update with Evobulut, no more waiting for installation! Always use the updated version

Customer Relationship Management CRM Program Specifications

evobulut crm

Get to know your customer!

With evobulut, you can group your customers very easily and quickly. In this way, you can reach your customers in the group you want with a single click.

Your customers may choose the team they support, the color they like, the type of music they like, the writer they like, etc. You can categorize customers with all the information you can think of, search by categories, and create targeted campaigns. Thanks to the unlimited grouping feature of the CRM program, you can provide effective customer relationship management.

Fast data entry with Evobulut

Thanks to Evobulut's fast data entry screens, you can process your offers, orders and invoices quickly and practically from the keyboard.

You can add new lines to your records, navigate between lines and make changes using the keyboard keys. You can prepare your offers, cut your invoices and save time in seconds without the need for the use of a mouse.

evobulut mobil

Accelerate Communication in Your Company.

With evobulut, you can instant message all users in your company. In this way, you can ensure an effective team work by speeding up communication within or outside the company.

Enjoy working together.

Digitize your company.

Thanks to document management, you can upload all your documents, such as documents, invoices, offers, orders, contracts, petitions in your company to the evocloud. You can access your documents from anywhere.

Protect your documents against viruses and attacks, focus on your work.

evobulut documents management

evobulut crm communication

Manage Communication from a Single Point.

You can manage all your communication with the customer from a single point by recording phone, e-mail, fax, sms, visit.

The most important point of customer relationship management CRM is the healthy communication with the customer.

Provide Instant Information Flow with Mobile App!

With our mobile applications developed specifically for IOS and Android devices, you can have instant information about all transactions in your company.

Fast information flow with your users, sales potentials, sales opportunities and tasks are now in your mobile!

evobulut mobil uygulama

Marketplace and E-Commerce integration

You can provide e-commerce integration with your Marketplace stores and your own site. You can provide automatic delivery to your customers by creating invoices for your new orders with a single click.

Manage your Marketplaces and E-commerce from a single point by minimizing data entry !

evobulut Marketplace and E-Commerce