Cloud Based CRM Software
Track Your Customers Easily!

With Evobulut CRM software, you can manage your potential customers, sales opportunities, offer processes and your activities with customers (phone, mail, fax, customer visit, etc.), personnel duties, customer finance transactions, documents, appointments, from anywhere, anytime. and you can follow easily and quickly from every device.

cloud crm software

CRM Software Working on Every Device

With the cloud technology of CRM Software, you can access your potential customer, sales opportunity, offer, task, e-mail, incoming outgoing call, customer visit, appointment, document and customer information from your smartphone, tablet, computer or Mac from anywhere with an internet connection.

Easy and Fast CRM Software

With the CRM Software, you can quickly and easily track your potential customers, customers and price offers, and instantly access all information about your customers.

By accessing this information quickly, you can quickly turn your potential customers into profitable customers.

crm programı
crm programı

Effective Customer Relationship Management

You can effectively follow your CRM Software and your company's sales process with our potential -> opportunity -> offer modules.

In this way, you can easily find out the areas where the sales process is disrupted.

Thanks to the CRM system, you can increase your sales by following your sales process quickly and easily.

Cloud Based CRM Software

Thanks to the cloud infrastructure of the CRM Software, server, installation, license, security etc. You can access your crm program from anywhere with internet without the need to make investments.

Thanks to our cloud infrastructure, backup, protecting backups, etc. You can just focus on your business without having to think about processes.

bulut tabanlı crm programı
guvenli bulut programı

Safe CRM Software

Focus on your work without having to deal with viruses, computer breakdowns, technical problems in your computers or servers at your workplace.

Thanks to the Secure CRM Program, you can prevent data loss by keeping your customer database safe at all times.

Free CRM Software

For companies that are newly established or considering switching to a new system, you can use the CRM system free of charge until you reach 100 customers.

free crm software
crm programı excel aktarımı

Get Started Quick and Easy!

Thanks to Excel data transfer, you can start using evobulut within minutes by transferring your customer, stock, service, opportunity information in your old program or excel quickly and easily.

CRM Software Features

Effective Customer Relationship Management

Accelerate your sales by managing all your activities (Phone, Mail, Visit, etc.) with your potential and current customers from a single platform.

Quick and Easy to Use

It is very easy to follow hundreds of customer relations and sales processes with our fast, easy and understandable interfaces !

Increase Your Sales !

With our CRM Software, you can quickly turn your sales opportunities into sales with an effective communication and disciplined follow-up from the first meeting with your customers until the end of the sale.

Fast Price - Information Change !

You can quickly and easily update all the information of your stock, product and customers from a single screen.

Send an e-mail with a single tap !

Thanks to our mail integration, you can send your offer to your customers by e-mail with a single click.

Price Support

While creating offers for your customers, you can access many prices such as last sale, last purchase, customer last sale price with a single click.

Update Price with Excel !

You can update your prices quickly and accurately by uploading your excel price lists from your suppliers.

Custom Offer Template

While sending your offers to your customers, you can create an unlimited number of special offers for your company and add all your conditions.

Multi-Language Offer Template !

You can create an offer template in the language of which country your customers are in. You can enter the equivalents of your product names in different languages.

Online CRM Software

Thanks to the cloud and web-based structure of Evobulut, you can manage your online CRM process with all your devices, and access it from anywhere and from any device.

Online Asisstance

You can reach our support line on +90 850 420 1 300 at any point you get stuck while defining a customer, opening a new stock card or creating an offer.

Ticket Support

For all your questions, you can get a quick response by creating a support request with our support module in evobulut.

You Can Try The Free CRM Software Now!

You can start free of charge for up to 100 Customers without any time limit, without the need for your Credit Card information.

CRM Program Modules

FAQ About CRM Software

CRM software is the creation of a healthy customer database by recording every situation in which your employees communicate or interact with your customers or potential customers. In this way, it is aimed to provide the most accurate communication based on previous information when employees contact the customer depending on their authorization level.

When your employees change, all communication and interaction in the past will be recorded thanks to the crm program, and the level of customer knowledge of new employees in sales and after-sales processes will increase.

* With Crm Cloud Crm Software; You can follow up your potential customers, sales opportunities, price offers, customer detailed information, tasks related to your sales, and communications you have made with the customer (phone, mail, visit, etc.) in detail.

* You can quickly create an offer to your customers and send an instant offer e-mail.

* You can increase your sales chances by creating corporate offers with a special offer template for your company.

* While creating your offers, you can quickly access the last purchase price, last offer price, and last sale price information of your products and give the most accurate price.